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   CFA # 198006      

TICA # C-10189


Mane Coon professional cattery

Owner cattery

Guseva Irina 

President "Cooncat" 

President FC "ALISA"(WCF)

Vice-president Club "Golden domes" (TICA),

Moscow, Russia

рЕК: +7 -095-135-69-24 


The Maine coon is wonderful animals, requiring a definite respect. The might, strength and "creamy" nature, the wild animals stare and gente purring are combined in this cat. It's a very intelligent and noble animal, it's beauty rejioces us like all the perfect does. Sometimes it seems they know about us more than we think.

Now there are very few Main Coons in our country, but we'd like that as many people as possible would be able to avaluate the wild beauty, the noble and heartfelt nature of this animals.





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